Ocean Prospects

The project is a website and app designed to connect aspiring college athletes in the US Virgin Islands and worldwide with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) coaches and recruiters in the US. It’s a one-stop shop where athletes can showcase their video reels, sporting highlights and athletic achievements. The idea is that athletes can be ‘an ocean away’ and still show coaches their talent, desire and readiness to play college sports in the US. (https://www.oprospects.com/)


CareWindow provides reviews and comparison tools to consumers to help them make informed long term care decisions. We provide presence and reputation support to long term care providers to help them reach consumers with accurate information. CareWindow brings families and providers together offering private communication tools to facilitate a positive long term care relationship. (https://carewindow.com/)

Everyday Carnival

On any given day of the year there's a Caribbean Carnival going on. Everyday Carnival will keep you in the loop with social content, ticketing information, and everything in between to ensure your fete-ing experience is one you'll never forget. We give you needed information for you to "Follow the Fete". (https://www.everydaycarnival.com/)


Flyion invents a new way to deal with flight delays in a very intuitive manner at affordable prices. Travelers are largely unhappy with the claim process and lack trust in insurers. We offer an end-to-end automated solution for clients to get paid in minutes, not weeks. (https://www.flyion.io/)

K-Mill 360

The patented K-Mill 360 is a multi-directional treadmill. K-Mill 360 allows the user to move forward, backwards, sideways and on diagonal patterns, while facing the console. Unlike traditional treadmills, which only focus on forward motion, K-Mill 360 is designed to utilize 360 degrees of movement via the rotation mechanism of the platform. (https://kmill360.com/)

Squeeze Cash

Squeeze Cash is the safest and easiest way to send and receive cash from friends and family in the Caribbean and Latin America; the app pays and tracks digital payments in real time as well as handles currency exchange in-app. (https://squeeze.cash/)