2020 Cohort

Squeeze Cash

Squeeze Cash is the safest and easiest way to send and receive cash from friends and family in the Caribbean and Latin America; the app pays and tracks digital payments in real time as well as handles currency exchange in-app. (https://squeeze.cash/)


Flyion invents a new way to deal with flight delays in a very intuitive manner at affordable prices. Travelers are largely unhappy with the claim process and lack trust in insurers. We offer an end-to-end automated solution for clients to get paid in minutes, not weeks. (https://www.flyion.io/)

K-Mill 360

The patented K-Mill 360 is a multi-directional treadmill. K-Mill 360 allows the user to move forward, backwards, sideways and on diagonal patterns, while facing the console. Unlike traditional treadmills, which only focus on forward motion, K-Mill 360 is designed to utilize 360 degrees of movement via the rotation mechanism of the platform. (https://kmill360.com/)

Everyday Carnival

On any given day of the year there's a Caribbean Carnival going on. Everyday Carnival will keep you in the loop with social content, ticketing information, and everything in between to ensure your fete-ing experience is one you'll never forget. We give you needed information for you to "Follow the Fete". (https://www.everydaycarnival.com/)