One-tap notification app for emergencies. (Gun Violence, Natural disasters, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Medical/Mental, Emergencies, etc.)


Greater Changes Technologies is a behavioral health tech company that is actively addressing the lack of access to behavioral health services in the Caribbean in a culturally inclusive way.

VI Crawl

VI Crawl is a media, events, and tourism company founded on the premise of improving the Virgin Islands tourism model by providing authentic cultural experiences for visitors and promoting cultural education and artistic exploration amongst locals.

Boomerang Eats

Boomerang Eats is a fast, reliable, and efficient mobile food ordering and delivery app made to provide people the comfort and convenience of ordering from anywhere on the island. We provide access to restaurants located all over the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Food Companion

Food management app that optimizes the way people interact with the food they have at home. It allows users to store their food inventory and generates recipes based on what users already own. It sends alerts to users when their produce and/or meals are about to expire, providing users with an opportunity to utilize their current food inventory before it is unusable.

Healing Marketplace

A Healing Marketplace application to help increase access and awareness of holistic health options. The app is a database where people can search the symptom or illness and find holistic providers within a 20-mile radius.


MXTZ-VI designs and builds fully integrated Hybrid Digital Learning Systems (HDLSs). HDLSs which include IoT devices, Apps, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Interactive MediaConsoles, and Cloud services.