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USVI Idea Incubator

An Education, Training, & Development Program for Tech Entrepreneurship


The USVI Idea Incubator is an idea incubator that provides ambitious, aspiring local innovators with a step-by-step framework for turning their web or app ideas into scalable ventures.

An onboarding to tech entrepreneurship, the program strives to educate and train participants on the fundamentals of working with developers to build a product while exposing them to industry best practices and providing the tools and resources to execute. This program is run in a hybrid format, with weekly virtual sessions and opportunities to engage in-person during week one and in the final week.

The 15-week (hybrid) program will immerse participants in a series of workshops, webinars, and mentoring sessions tailored to give them professional feedback, boost their sales, launch a product, and polish their pitch for future endeavors.

By the end of the program, founders will have:

  • - Improved their understanding of startup best practices
  • - Validated their idea with customers
  • - Expanded their network to include successful founders and investors
  • - Enhanced their professional brand
  • - Refined their business model and revenue streams
  • - Become more proficient at pitching their startup to potential co-founders, accelerators, and customers
  • - Mapped out a plan for the next year of growth


Selection to the Idea Incubator program is a multi-step process that includes short online application and a 30-minute interview with the AVI Program Managers. Final selection is made by the AVI Program Managers, AVI Program Director, and the Executive Team of the University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park (RTPark).  

 You should apply if you:

  1. Are currently based in the US Virgin Islands
  2. Have a startup idea or business concept that can be delivered and deployed as a mobile app
  3. Have an innovative tech or tech-enabled business idea that either:
    1. addresses a specific challenge(s) in the US Virgin Islands; or
    2. has the ability to scale globally
  4. Are a passionate aspiring founder and willing to dedicate 10+ hours per week for 5 months
  5. Consider yourself committed, ambitious, and disciplined enough to meet weekly milestones and complete the program
  6. Have reliable and stable internet connection as program will primarily be conducted online

 If you have any questions, please contact Alfonso Rodriguez at alfonso.rodriguez@uvirtpark.net


  • Resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Business idea must have the ability to scale into national / global markets

  • Technology or technology-enabled company (No Professional Services e.g., Consulting)

  • Generated less than $50,000 in revenue

  • Raised or received less than $100,000 in total investment (e.g., equity, convertible notes, government grants, academic grants)

  • Commitment to Accelerate VI Code of Conduct & Attendance Policy (click here to read policy)