Meet Idea Incubator Cohort member, Dulcie Crowther

Ducie's tech entrepreneurship journey was inspired by a desire to address the lack of products for adults struggling with poor spelling. While there are spelling tools for children and spelling bee participants, Dulcie aims to create a self-study app for adults to enhance their spelling skills conveniently.


What inspired you to start your tech entrepreneurship journey, and what problem or opportunity were you looking to address?

The problem I am addressing in making my app is the need for more products for adults who feel held back by their poor spelling. There are many spelling products, but most are geared toward children learning to spell or toward spelling bee participants. This inspired me to make a product adults could use for self-study to improve their spelling when it fits into their busy day.


What role has mentorship played in your entrepreneurial journey, and do you have any advice for finding the right mentor in the tech field?

In my entrepreneurial journey, the Idea Incubator's mentorship has helped me be confident that what I'm building is important and worthy of pursuit. My advice for a person looking for mentorship is to find someone who shows enthusiasm for your idea.


What ethical considerations do you take into account when developing and marketing tech products or services, especially in areas like data privacy and artificial intelligence?

Ethical considerations I am taking into account as I develop my app is being mindful of the specific words I choose for spelling. While my app is geared toward adults, it could be used by school-aged students with the support of an educator. Some words I would want to add to a spelling lesson may not be appropriate.


Growing up in the Virgin Islands, did you ever think you would have a tech career?

Never in my life would I have thought I would have a career in the tech field. It is really fun to be part of a whole new world!


Which fun, existing tech advancement do you wish you created?:

Google Lens! I just hover, and it pulls out the text from a picture or translates it into another language.


What is something fun you've accomplished using AI technology?

I have not used AI technology, except with some help from Grammarly after I have written something.


If technology in the Territory allowed you to work all day at the beach, which one would it be?

I'm not telling because then I wouldn't be the only one there. But, if you must know, Sprat Hall!