Meet Idea Incubator Cohort member, Steve Lowe

Steve, the visionary founder of Freedom Financial Advisors LLC, is on a mission to revolutionize estate planning in the USVI and Caribbean islands by leveraging modern technology. He firmly believes in making estate planning accessible to everyone, transcending wealth barriers.


What inspired you to start your tech entrepreneurship journey, and what problem or opportunity were you looking to address?

In my practice as a financial advisor, I recognize there is an enormous need for well-crafted estate plans in the USVI and all Caribbean islands. However, bringing modern technology to that industry in the islands can democratize estate planning to all walks of life rather than just the wealthy.


What role has mentorship played in your entrepreneurial journey, and do you have any advice for finding the right mentor in the tech field?

Mentorship is vital. The right mentor is knowledgeable from experience of successes and failures, not just academic knowledge.


How do you navigate the tech industry's ever-changing regulatory and legal landscape?

Get great employees who know what I don't know.


Growing up in the Virgin Islands, did you ever think that you would have a tech career?

Not at all. I stumbled into this because a cost-effective estate planning solution for the 98% was not available in the Territory like it is in other jurisdictions. So I had to build it.


If there was an app that could bake and immediately deliver your favorite tart, what flavor would always be on your favorite list?



Which fun, existing tech advancement do you wish you created?

My Fitness Pal.


What is something fun you've accomplished using AI technology?

Wrote website copy for an entire website


If technology in the Territory allowed you to work all day at the beach, which one would it be?

White Bay Jost Van Dyke